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Welcome to the opening day of the Write 31 Days Challenge for 2018 here at Tuning Hearts! I decided at the last minute to try and participate again this year. I hope that since I'm not using social media this month, I will be able to write a majority of the days this time around.

Just as I did last year, I will be following the writing prompts from 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes, as well as following the usual 5-minute free write rules for those posts.

Since we are encouraged to choose a theme to guide our writing during the challenge, I settled on three words that sum up the direction my thoughts have turned of late:


These ideas keep coming up in my daily life as I think on what it means for me to:

  1. lead a more contemplative life in a fast-paced world
  2. hone and use my creativity as a tool to glorify God
  3. build real, live community in a culture that is increasingly disconnected

I hope you will enjoy thinking through these ideas with me as I explore them from the various angles of the prompts given me this month. To find all my posts in this series, click on the tag "write31days2018." Please feel free to comment on any post that strikes a chord with you. I would love to open up the conversation!

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  1. I love your theme! This is my first time through the 31 Day Challenge and I didn’t really choose a theme, but maybe one will emerge. Looking forward to reading your posts throughout this challenge. Visiting you from the #39 at the link up. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Neta! I didn’t have a theme last year, either. I am hoping this year to really participate on most of the days, if not all. So I thought having a driving theme would help me keep going!

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