Day 1: Story #write31days2018

Why do we as humans feel compelled to tell our story? What is it about story that makes us come alive? What is so powerful about hearing the stories of others?

I think it is because we are people of story created by a God of story. The God who created us is the same God who gave us His story in the form of Scripture. He has been telling the story of His love, grace and salvation from day one. And we, as being created in His image, also need to tell our stories, and His.

As a Christian, the Biblical account is more than a child’s story or fairytale. It is the very truth upon which I base my life. And yet, the Lord, in His creativity and glory gave us a book that is not just a collection of laws or dry facts and figures. He gave us a terrible tale of treason, and a romance of redemption. He is a master of the the craft, and as such, His epic poem is the most glorious that has ever been written.

And I am part of that story. So I must tell it!

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