Friday Favorites: Giving Thanks for Big and Small Things

With all the stress and anxiety of preparing for a move (see my previous post for more on that), it has been hard to keep a good attitude some days. It is really tempting to give in to discontent, compaining, snd frustration. In an effort to be more aware of the many blessings surrounding me every single day, I have started keeping a gratitude list in my planner. Each day I try to add something to the list. Some of them are big things, some not so big, and some may seem just plain silly to anyone but me. Regardless, taking the time to give thanks for these things instead of just taking them for granted or focussing on the difficulties is a great way for me to change my attitude. I decided it would be fun to share some of those things from this week with you in a Friday Favorites post. (I tried getting it written and up yesterday for “Thankful Thursdays,” but some other things came up!) So, in no particular order, here are “a few of my favorite things!” (Who else couldn’t help but sing that little bit in your head?)

Edited to add that try as I might to add more images to this post, it just was not working properly. My computer is being worked on today, and I can’t fix the problem without it. So enjoy the blackberry photo and just try to imagine the rest! 

Wild Blackberries!
We live in a very wooded area that has a few different wild fruits to be foraged throughout the summer and fall months. Throughout the 9 years we have lived here, only a few years I have picked wild blackberries. Our first summer I dove into the woods and went all out picking berries, but I paid for my enthusiasm with heat exhaustion, cuts from the blackberry ad wild rose thorns, heart palpitations from suddenly coming upon way too may spiders, and lots and lots of chigger bites. I have not been quite as excited about berry pickig recently, especially since havig kids. This year however I noticed that for whatever reason, there were a lot more patches of blackberry bramble along the edges of the road and woods, much easier to get to without as many hazards. So this year I have picked a little over one quart of berries. Free food is always awesome, but there is something about foraging that really satisfies me.

New natural hair product
I know this seams sort of trivial, but I have been trying to balance my need for some kind of product to reign in my crazy curls without much residue and is more natural. I recently found out that the spray gel I was using (but did not really love) was actually really high on the toxic scale according to the “Think Dirty” app. Not loving the product + not wantig to keep puttig nasty chemicals on my hair = motivation to find a new product! So, after browsing a while at our local Walmart, I found Shea Moisture products and bought this Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. (That’s an affiliate link, just FYI!) It was more expensive than what I would usually buy, but since a very tiny dab goes a long way, I think it will last longer anyway. I like that it leaves my hair soft and free of frizz without being sticky or stiff. And it rinses out really well, too! I only actually wash my hair with shampoo once a week, so this is important to me!

Having my husband home
With his new job starting up, my husband has had a little time working from home for a couple of weeks before he starts doing weekly commutes to the Nashville area until we get our Illinois house sold. I am thankful to have him here for some extra family time before I have to “single mom” it during the week! I sure hope we can get this house sold soon so we can all move and not have to live apart for too many weeks!

Iced coffee
Ok, so here’s a surprising one for anybody who has known me for a while. I had never really been a coffee drinker before I had our daughter. I have a cup of hot British blend Tetley tea with cream every morning before breakfast, and I used to have a second cup of some sort of tea in the afternoon, as well. Occasionally, I might splurge on a dessert coffee, like a peppermint mocha from Starbucks. Those things are mostly sugar and milk and whipped topping, after all! But when I was pregnant with Little Miss, I suddenly started craving coffee. That was my first indication that this child was going to give me a run for my money! I still cannot drink straight black coffee or coffee without sweetener and a healthy dose of milk or cream. But this iced coffee recipe made from cold brew and sweetened with maple syrup? Well, let’s just say it has become something of a regular in my afternoon routine!

That’s a little behind the scenes look at a few of things I am thankful for this week. What is making you smile today? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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