Day 4: Why #write31days2018

As I sit down to write on this prompt I don’t know quite what to write, and I don’t know why. When I saw it the first time I had lots of “why” questions, but I guess the more I’ve thought about them, the more at peace I am with the lack of answers. 

I have been contemplating a lot of questions lately. Even though I don’t have all the answers I may want, I am growing the faith that I will be given the answers I need when I need them. I am learning that I don’t have peace when I am asking “why”. I do have peace when I am looking at the One who knows why.

We ask a lot of questions that we don’t need to, and “why” seems to be one of them. We may not ever know why certain things happen or why we are the way we are on this side of eternity. But is it really that important to know? I think it is more beneficial for me to ask the Lord what He wants me to do to serve Him in whatever situation and state I find myself. 

The question right now is more “who” than “why” for me. Who is this God that I say I believe in? Who am I supposed to be in light of who He is? When I know in whom I have believed, I don’t need to know why I am where I am. 

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