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To Sing His Grace

"And perhaps it is not too beautiful a thing to believe in this redeemed world, that, as the babe turns to his mother though he has no power to say her name, as the flowers turn to the sun, so the hearts of the children turn to their Saviour and God with unconscious delight and trust."

~Charlotte Mason, Home Education

Perhaps it is NOT too beautiful to believe, and yet, as adults we seem to lose that childlike faith and wonder. Our hearts are easily distracted and wander far from the simplicity of our childhood years. Our modern society is full of noisy, discordant voices, all pulling our heartstrings out of tune so that it is hard to hear the quite melody of creation.

Tuning Hearts is all about regaining some quiet and simplicity, tuning out the voices of the world by listening to the voice of the Creator. We do that by filling our hearts with rich ideas from great books, with beautiful art and music, and with grace-filled conversation and community. Together let's bring our lives back into harmony--one note, one day, one heart at a time.


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